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Our qualities

speedy & available

speedy & available

Timeliness and delivery are among the key points of success. We are demanding with ourselves and more with our customers. The slightest detail is important and can contribute to the success of each project

Knowledge & Innovation

Knowledge & Innovation

Clarification, Installation and Management of your project in record time thanks to a dedicated team 24h / 24 and 7/7

Advice and Support

Advice and Support

Undertake is to create, set goals, to mediate, to optimize profitability. We help you in your choice of communication and propose appropriate solutions.


Tumblr: new buttons, including

Tumblr: new buttons, including "buy"

The microblogging platform Tumblr beginning to test the integration of multiple buttons, including "buy" to offer more interactivity. Tumblr is a platform to publish and Reblog texts, pictures, videos, links, etc. Established in 2007, the succes ...
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Linux: major deployment in business

Linux: major deployment in business

The Linux Foundation has published a report on its corporate deployment. Unlike Microsoft, it progresses. Linux is a free operating system. Still little used by the general public often has a preinstalled OS when buying a computer, the system is m ...
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Apple : smartphone sales up

Apple : smartphone sales up

According to Kantar Worldpanel, in the quarter ended in late October, sales of Apple smartphones have increased in most markets. Remaining exclusively focused on the high end and offering little innovation, Apple has lost market share in recent y ...
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Amazon: 15,000 robots

Amazon: 15,000 robots

Amazon will install 15,000 robots in storage to meet Christmas orders. Leader in e-commerce, Amazon does not just of this business. His secret lab, Lab126 has developed or is working on various innovative products such as Fire Phone smartphone or ...
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